Montag, 18. Oktober 2010

Now talking about measuring a surface coating's thickness using the so called "calotest".

With a ball of steel and diamond suspension as grinder, you grind a calotte into the surface.

Looking at that calotte with a microscope, you will gain a view like the scheme above indicates: two concentrical circles.

By measuring these circles diameters you can calculate the height "h" of the surface:

The total depth of the Calotte T is: 

the depth of the calotte in the substrate t is: 

thus, the height h of the surface is: 

as the radius R of the steel ball is much greater than the diameter of the calotte, this equation can be simplified to: 

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  1. oh, i am sorry for the hardly readable equations.


  2. damn dude you really are into some engineering

  3. what in the fuck does this all mean, also, why does it matter?

  4. sehr guht! :p Waiting for more posts. BTW the equations are hard to read. Could you make your background a lighter colour?

  5. id like to see more of how all this relates to the acctual function of the machine that would be amazing